Snoring causes

What are the main causes of snoring

snoring causessnoring causesMany people are still wondering about the real cause of snoring. Many questions arise whenever you hear someone snore. Snore is the sound produced by the vibration in the respiratory tract that happens when we are asleep. So why do we snore? And what makes us snore? The truth is there are a numbers of reasons behind it.

Snoring occurs only when muscles are totally relaxed. That’s why we don’t snore when we’re awake because our muscles keep on moving. During sleep, the tissues in our throats soften and become unperturbed. This is why the sound vibrations are loudly heard.

The pitch, tone, and sound also vary. Vibration happens when the tissues are at ease and when the airways form a constricted passage due to contraction therefore allotting more room for friction. The noise is louder when the passage is narrower.

The air we breathe enters the narrow passage vehemently thus making a rowdy sound. When the speed of air we breathe is faster, the snoring sound is usually more voluble and evident. This is also the reason why we hear babies snore. Although it doesn’t sound pretty when we say “snoring baby”, it can be referred to as a forceful sound made by the respiratory tract. However, this should not be overlooked because the baby’s respiratory passage may already be jammed.

Middle-aged men have a higher risk of developing this problem than women. This is because of the thicker and wider neck that men possess. When the inhalation of air takes place in a bigger neck, vibration occurs and the sound becomes louder.  This is something that a stop snoring mouthpiece can help with.

Women, on the other hand, seldom experience snoring. This is mainly due to a hormone called progesterone which is produced by their bodies which helps in the prevention of snoring. This is also the key element found in many anti-snoring devices.


There are countless factors that trigger this kind of ailment. Some of these are:

  • * Allergies that result to the clogging of the air passage.
  • * Dry tissue in the nasal passage due to anti-allergy medicines.
  • * When colds and flu attacks the body.
  • * When a person is alcoholic.
  • * When you consume alcohol regularly.
  • * Thickened tissue of the nasal passage
  • * When you go through unnecessary surgery that might worsen the snoring problem.
  • * When you are overweight.
  • * Too much use of nasal spray, causing discomfort in the air passage.
  • * When the size of your adenoids and tonsil becomes bigger than the normal.
  • * Too much smoking that can result to air passage inflammation.
  • * When you develop goiter or the thyroid glands become enlarged.
  • * When you have a large tongue that constricts the flow of air into the respiratory tract.
  • * When you take prescription drugs for relaxation.
  • * When you are obese.
  • * When you don’t have full control over the nasal membranes.

These are the contributing factors to snoring. By identifying first the cause of the problem and making the needed changes, you can cure snoring in no time.

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