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Zyppah snoring device – Hybrid snoring Mouthpiece


Snoring happens because of the tongue movement with the mouth. The tongue is a muscle and relaxes during sleep causing it to fall back into the mouth and block the nasal airway. That is why when one sleeps on their back snoring is heavier because the force of gravity pulls the tongue further into the throat increasing obstruction of the airway.  ZYPPAH has introduced a new snoring mouthpiece to solve the problem. The ZYPPAH snoring device uses revolutionary technology to eliminate snoring.

Features of Zyppah snoring device

The ZYPPAH hybrid oral appliance uses revolutionary technology to eliminate snoring.

The ZYPPAH hybrid oral appliance has two unique elements

  • Tongue Stabilizer piece: this patent pending plastic holds and stabilize the tongue. This prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and blocking the nasal airway. This stabilizes the tongue and eliminates snoring. Only the ZYPPAH hybrid oral appliance has this unique feature.
  • Mouth positioning piece: this element advances the lower jaw to further open the nasal airway.

How does the Zyppah snoring device work?

Snoring prevention normally works by mandibular advancement. This means that the jaw is advanced slightly forward to open up the nasal airway and allow airflow. However, the tongue is left free and so it often falls back on the throat, blocking the nasal airway. Zyppah ant-snoring device uses a new approach. The appliance has two elements to open the airways and eliminate snoring; the mouth positioning piece advances the jaw forward while the tongue stabilizer piece holds the tongue to keep the nasal airway open, effectively eliminating snoring.

What advantage does ZYPPAH snoring device have over competition?

There are many snoring mouthpieces in the market but none so far has been able to successfully solve the problem of snoring. The situation now will be better; there is a new device that successfully solves the problem. The other snoring products only address the mouth positioning of the lower jaw. They leave the tongue free to move and block the open nasal airway. That is why they fail to eliminate the problem of snoring.

Zyppah snoring device offers dual protection; the jaw is held forward to open up the nasal airway and the tongue is comfortably stabilized to prevent it from blocking the open nasal airway. Only ZYPPAH anti-snoring device uses this new revolutionary technology to eliminate snoring.

Why you should choose Zyppah snoring device

Zyppah hybrid oral appliance provides the benefits of

  • effectively and safely eliminating snoring
  • maintaining nasal airways open in two unique ways
  • Better sleep and a more productive life.
  • Better overall quality of life
  • Increased intimacy
  • It is affordable, effective and proven safe.

Sleep deprivation increases the risks of

  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Memory loss and impaired judgement
  • Heart attack and Stroke

Snoring affects health and the quality of ones life. Prompt action needs to be taken to eliminate it. Proper sleep is essential for optimal health, happiness and quality life.

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