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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece : Solutions for a Snore-Free Night

snoring MouthpieceWhen we sleep the muscles in the mouth and throat relax allowing the tongue to fall back slightly into the throat. This obstructs the airway slightly cause snoring at night . Stop snoring mouthpiece help you to stop snoring by holding the tongue from fall down or pull the jaw slightly forward, which makes the airway to the throat open and eliminates snoring. A snoring mouthpiece is a great way to ensure that you get good rest every night.

 When you considering to buy snoring mouthpiece, you should be aware that there are two types mouthpieces in the market . Tongue retaining appliance and Jaw re-positioning dental appliance. Knowing about each one of these snoring mouth piece types in detail, can help you to select which is best for their preference.

stop snoring mouthpiece



Types of Ant-Snoring Mouthpieces:

Tongue retaining appliance and Jaw re-positioning dental appliance. Knowing about each one of these snoring mouth piece types in detail, can help you to select which is best for their preference.

Tongue Retaining Mouthpiece

What a tongue retaining appliance does is prevent the airway passage to the lunges from getting blocked by bad positioning of the tongue. When sleeping, at times the base of our tongue moves towards our air way passage, slightly closing our airway passage and preventing a sufficient amount of space needed for a smooth flow of air to penetrate. When this happens, vibrations (snoring) commence.

How a tongue retaining appliance works is by holding the tongue forward. The user would input their tongue into a suction bulb, that is built to contain the tongue, and as the user sleeps, the tongue is pulled forward slightly, this way the tongue does not move backwards and cause an airway passage space capacity decrease and eventually snoring.

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Good Morning Snore Solution is a revolutionary stop snoring mouthpiece developed by top sleep researchers. It’s a comfortable, easy to use solution that is significantly more comfortable than other anti-snoring mouthpieces, and more manageable than conventional CPAP devices. Not only is it comfortable, it’s far more effective than products like head straps, sprays or pillows. Click here  To SAVE 20% On All Orders

Jaw Repositioning dental appliance

What exactly a Jaw Repositioning appliance does is hold the users jaw forward to allow more space in between the air passage way. When sleeping at times our jaw falls back towards our airway and when this happens, our airway decreases the amount of space for our air to travel through, causing Snoring .

How a Jaw Repositioning appliance works is by two pieces, the upper and lower piece. These two pieces work together to stabilize the lower jaw. This way the snoring mouthpiece can prevent the jaw from falling backwards towards the airway passage, causing vibrations (Snoring).

The comfortability factor of a Jaw Repositioning dental appliance is that many have implied that it is less comfortable than the tongue retaining stop snoring mouthpiece. Users have claimed that the jaw repositioning appliances have caused major discomfort to the jaw, simply because the mouthpiece holds the jaw in one place for an entire night, without the freedom to move it naturally at will.

 A few of the best brands on the market for this type of stop snoring mouthpiece are: Zquiet, SnoreRX  and Pure Sleep.

ZQuiet Reviews

One popular choice is the ZQuiet snoring solution. This was designed by a dentist, and it offers its customers a natural way to improve sleep. It advertises a “Living Hinge” technology, and some say they can drink or talk with it in their mouths. This mouthpiece is made of soft rubber, and it can easily be taken out of the box and used immediately. It requires no adjustments or equipment. Customers are comfortable wearing it nightly and it’s one of the most reasonably priced choices. Click here to try ZQuiet for under $10 .

SnoreRx Reviews

Another option is the SnoreRx mouthpiece. This mouth guard company claims their product is the only one that is Medicare Certified for snoring. It is much like other devices, but it offers a state-of-the-art calibrator to micro-adjust the guard. This allows for an individualized fit, that can’t be achieved with other products. It does not require screws or hardware, but can be adjusted. At right around $100, this is a bit more expensive, but many claim it provides great results with a comfortable fit. Click here to SnoreRx

VitalSleep Reviews

The Vital Sleep snoring mouthpiece was also designed by a dentist and is recommended by doctors. It boasts a flexible, comfortable fit and is also FDA cleared. It is BPA and latex free and has two different sizes to fit men and women. It works as the others do, by bringing the lower jaw and tongue forward, opening up the airway. It is adjustable, and the tool to make those changes is included in the cost. Although it does cost around $59.95 , they offer specials for two-for-the-price-of-one, and they will also replace the item for up to a year. For limited  time buy 2 for $59.95  .

Hybrid Oral Appliance

ZYPPAH snoring  device offer a unique way to stop snoring  by adds an extra step to the snore prevention process. While many snoring products merely address the mouth positioning of the lower jaw, ZYPPAH actually takes it a step further by also supporting the tongue to prevent it from ending up being excessively unwinded and obstructing your nasal air passage

How Snoring mouthpiece works ?

As people struggle to deal with this problem, there are a myriad of possible solutions on the market. While some opt for expensive and complicated surgeries, others choose a complex oxygen mask system. However, many find they can quickly stop snoring by purchasing a simple, inexpensive over the counter snoring remedies such as snoring chin strap , anti snore pillow and snoring mouthpiece.

These are easy-to-use plastic insertions for the mouth; they work as a splint, positioning and holding the jawline in place. This device moves the lower jaw to align with the upper jaw a few millimeters. This forced position opens up the breathing passage as the tongue and soft palate also move out of the way, leaving extra room for easier breathing.

Benefits of Stop snoring mouthpiece

There are many benefits to using a stop snoring mouthpiece. Because this is a very simple solution, it is easy to purchase quickly and begin using immediately. These are also relatively inexpensive, and they don’t disturb a partner sleeping. This also has health benefits. As the sleeper receives more oxygen and can take in more air, they will wake up refreshed with increased energy. Because of this, most feel more positive and have a better attitude during the day.

It is also common for someone to experience fewer headaches once they begin to wear the mouthpiece. This is often a result of teeth grinding, and this is cut down dramatically. Finally there is a lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke when individuals get regular and healthy sleep. However, because there are many choices for a snoring mouthpiece, it is important to examine different options.

Snoring is a problem for many. While surgeries and masks are options, these can be expensive and involved. Snoring mouthpieces are a simple, easy-to-use, often inexpensive choice to allow everyone in the home to wake up rested and ready to take on the day.