The best stop snoring mouthpiece available

The best stop snoring mouthpiece available

In this article we explore how a stop snoring mouthpiece works and which one is the best for you.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a condition that causes loud hoarse breathing while a person sleeps. This is caused by the air making the muscles and tissue in the mouth and throat vibrate. The airways relax while we sleep, which makes them narrower and causes the vibrations.

What is snoring

To find out more about snoring, read our full article about snoring.

What is a stop snoring mouthpiece?

Mouthpieces used to stop snoring go by many different names. The technical term is mandibular advancement device. The mandible is simply the lower part of your jaw. Moving the lower part of the jaw forward prevents snoring in many cases because it widens the airways. Anti snoring mouthpieces work by holding your bottom jaw forward a little.

Skull anatomy - Mandible

Will a mandibular advancement device work for me?

There is an easy experiment you can do right now to find out if a mandibular advancement device will reduce your snoring.

Push out your bottom jaw, so that your bottom teeth are more forward than your top teeth. Now try to make a snoring noise, as you would while you sleep.

If is it harder to make a snoring noise in this position than it is when your jaw is in its normal relaxed state, then a mandibular advancement device will help reduce or stop your snoring.

how a stop snoring mouthpiece works

The best stop snoring mouthpiece

There are MANY mouthpieces on the market and it can be hard to shift through all the jargon. In my opinion, the VitalSleep anti snoring device is the best one available. I have also heard from plenty of other people that they are happy with the results of their VitalSleep.

VitalSleep Anti Snoring Device

How can VitalSleep help me?

  • VitalSleep mouthpieces are custom fitted to each individual so you can rest assured (pun intended) that the mouth guard will be right for your teeth and jaw. Choose from two sizes, small for women or regular for men. Creating the personalised imprint is done easily at home with hot water. No need for costly trips to the dentist, like with some mouth guards.
  • Stop snoring mouthpiece adjustableYou can also adjust the mouth guard so that your mandible is a little or a lot forward depending on what is comfortable for you. Sometimes more severe snoring requires the mandible to be further forward.
  • The VitalSleep device is FDA approved to treat snoring. There are plenty of imitations out there that have simply not been tested and are made with inferior materials. Vital Sleep is made in the USA from non-toxic, medical grade materials, which is what you would expect from something that goes in your mouth.

The VitalSleep website claims 225 000 people are successfully using their devices! That is a lot of people! Check out some of their amazing testimonials below.

Stop Snoring Testimonials

VitalSleep has a 60 night money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose!

They also offer a 1 year warranty, where they will replace your device with a brand new one should anything go wrong.  That should keep you smiling.

VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpieces

How do I buy the VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece?

What I really love about VitalSleep is the price! At only $59.95, they are actually cheaper than some of the dodgy imitations.

Buy VitalSleep by clicking here and use code FREESHIP to get free shipping for a limited time.

19 Replies to “The best stop snoring mouthpiece available”

  1. This is the article I was looking for. My roommate has snoring problems and I was thinking of getting him something so it can help him not to snore at night. This VitalSleep device might just be the solution for it. It is not expensive either. So I’m for sure going to give this a try. Thank you so much.

    1. I’m glad you found my article.  Snoring actually impacts the quality of sleep you get, so your roommate will actually seem an improvement in his sleep and overall health from the device.  I’m sure he’ll thank you for it.

  2. Snoring can be a very difficult condition to overcome and it is also quite difficult to cope with. I have being with someone that snores a lot and it was not easy sleeping in the night. Making use of a device to cure this condition is the right way to go and the one that you reviewed seem to be a really good one and the pricing is very affordable. Thanks for sharing

  3. The VitalSleep sounds great since I have been searching for devices like this to help stop snoring. My mom has sleep apnea and she snores quite a bit. I think that something like this could help as the cpap forces the airways to stay open so using that and the VitalSleep may help her keep her airways completely open and be allow for easier breathing.

    For the test you mentioned should you be lying down to see if moving the mandible forward will help alleviate snoring, or can you do it sitting as well?

    1. Sorry to hear about your mom’s struggles.  I hope the VitalSleep can help her.  With the test, what is important is the comparison between normal jaw and forward jaw.  Your results should be the same lying down or sitting.  If it is harder to make the snoring noise with your jaw forward then the device can help you.  What you may find is that you can make a louder snoring noise when lying down and may even still be able to make a noise with the jaw forward.  If you are one of the few people whose snoring is caused by something else and moving the jaw forward makes no difference to you, then you will find this is the case both lying down and sitting.

  4. Hello and thank you for this amazing and informative article. I’ve needed your information so bad. I am really glad I somehow manged to finish at your website. My wife has a major snoring problem and we tried almost everthing there is. 

    Nothing did anything to get rid of snoring completely. We are really frustarted and searching for alternatives. Never heard about this kind of mouth piece but I am willing to propose this thing to my wife. She has to accept it. Or she will be out :). Just kidding of course.

    Let me know just one thing. Is it completely safe? There is not the slightest chance of choking or something like that?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi, thanks for reading.  I haven’t heard of anyone swallowing these.  They are like a mouthguard which get moulded to the exact shape of your teeth.  Once in place in your mouth they are not going to do any moving unless you take them out yourself.  I’m not a doctor and therefore don’t want to make any promises but in my personal opinion it would be too big to choke on.  I don’t think it could fit in your airways.  I really hope it helps your wife.  Snoring is horrible for the snorer because you don’t get deep sleep.  Obviously, its no so great for the partners either.  

  5. I suffer from sleep apnea and its bad! well thats what my wife tells me! She says my snoring keeps the whole building awake at night! lol

    this sounds like the perfect solution but I am worried about dried mouth and throat cos the mouth is left open because of the appliance. is that an issue?

    Also does the free shipping include worldwide i.e. dubai? 


    1. Hi, thanks for reading. I’m sorry to hear about your sleep apnea. You really need to be under the care of a doctor. I hope you can work out a treatment plan. You can actually still breathe through your  nose whilst using vitalsleep, in fact they recommend it. 

  6. I have a kind of related question about the mouthpiece.  How ell does it hold up to tooth grinding?  

    My better half tends to snore a little bit but she also grinds her teeth sometimes when she sleeps and is looking for a remedy to alleviate both problems.  

    Would she wear this mouthpiece out too fast if she ground her teeth in it while she slept?

    Thanks for the article

    1. Hi Mike, this mouthpiece isn’t designed to prevent teeth grinding as such.  I’m not a grinder myself, but I would image this would be very effective at preventing teeth grinding.  I also don’t think it would wear out because it is very strong and a little flexible.  Plus you get a 1 year warranty with it so if anything happened you would get a replacement.  Here is what the VitalSleep website says about grinding “Although VitalSleep is for the treatment of snoring, some users do receive some protection from teeth grinding (bruxism).”

  7. Hey this is great. I have been snoring on and off for years, especially in the winter. It drives my wife nuts! If there is a way to help resolve this I will be very happy. Thank you for the great share and I will be re reading this post again shortly. Kenny

    1. Interesting, I have not heard of seasonal snoring.  Must be to do with the cold air.  I hope you can find a solution that suits you and your wife.

  8. thanks for a great review. I had no idea mouth pieces could help for snoring! Learn something new every day, that’s for sure. My initial thought on this one would be on how comfortable it is to have these in overnight. How do you compare this to other snoring aids?

    1. Mouthpieces tend to be more effective than other more passive snoring aids.  Some people find that the mouthpieces take some getting used to but they are adjustable so it is recommended to make the changes to your mouth slowly. 

  9. Thanks for the great information here. Snoring is a difficult thing to control. I know of someone who have to avoid a number of camping activities because of it. He becomes embarrassed when people complains about how his snoring has disturbed their sleep. It’s really a headache for him and I think this article will be helpful. 


    1. Snoring is not just annoying but it can be bad for your health as well.  It also means that you are not getting deep sleep and often snorers wake up unrefreshed.  I hope your friend can find a solution.

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